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Introducing our law firm
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Regulatory Resources LLC.

Specializing in Specification Development and
Government Relations for the Concrete & Construction Industries

The Latest

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  • The Post-Pandemic Picture for DOTs 


Introducing Regulatory Resources LLC 

Richard Krolewski, founder of Regulatory Resources LLC, has dedicated much of his professional life to the precast concrete industry through a multitude of positions. He has a broad range of expertise in developing specifications and serving as a liaison between the precast concrete industry and the regulatory community at the federal, state and local level. 


Krolewski's portfolio includes many successful projects with federal, state and local agencies based on longstanding relationships with key players within the manufacturing and regulatory communities. Now, his mission is to promote quality precast concrete producers to the specification community and remove roadblocks that producers sometimes encounter when attempting to navigate the regulatory environment.


The ultimate goal is to advance the development of 21st century infrastructure while creating opportunities for precast manufacturers. Regulatory Resources is where your consulting relationship begins and your developments make headway. 

How can I help you?


Specifier Outreach


Relationship Focused 

Making a meaningful connection with the specification community can mean the difference between winning a bid and not even getting consideration. Specifier Outreach consists of knowing how to navigate spec-writing agencies, finding the right people, and making the case. With two decades of experience learning the process, understanding specifiers and making connections, we create opportunities for precast manufacturers and connect the specifiers and materials engineers to high-quality producers who can get the job done. Contact Regulatory Resources today to learn more.


Marketing & Promotion

Creating a Strong Brand

Specifiers are looking for precast concrete manufacturers who can provide a high level of quality assurance at every step of the process. Many precast concrete manufacturers are so focused on producing those quality products that they place marketing on the back burner. That’s a mistake. Your company’s online presence and your brand are critical in winning new business. Through our exclusive affiliations with industry marketing experts, we will tell your story and create a strong brand that will uniquely position your company in your marketplace. Contact Regulatory Resources today to learn more.  


Lobbyist Expertise

Opening Doors for the Industry

As a registered lobbyist, Richard Krolewski works on behalf of the precast concrete industry and individual companies to manage issues and create new opportunities. By making contacts at the highest level within federal, state and municipal government offices, Krolewski works to break logjams, mediate issues between interested parties and open doors for precast producers. Whether it involves working with specifications, serving as a liaison between government agencies and your company, or contacting political officials, the goal is to facilitate strong communication between parties to create winning solutions and build relationships. Contact Regulatory Resources today to learn more.

Specification Development & Government Relations

Surround yourself with great people that will direct you to your advancements.

-Warren Buffett 

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