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Service Fees

Open Communication, Positive Outcomes


Regulatory Resources LLC is built on the core value of working toward positive outcomes for all participants through open communication and problem solving, based on years of experience working in the precast concrete industry.


Consulting fees are prorated per hour. The depth and breadth of consulting services will vary with each individual situation. Costs are designed to compare favorably with the cost of staffing a similar position at a precast company, with no additional markup for owner's equity or corporate offices. 


Professional Services

Initial Consultation

To set up your initial consultation, please complete the form on our contact page. Typically we will set up a call within the same week, but for urgent situations, please email or call. We look forward to working with you!

Specifier Outreach

Navigating your way through regulatory agencies can be a confusing and overwhelming prospect, especially if you're already busy manufacturing great precast all day. We can help you steer around the roadblocks and solve problems with our extensive knowledge of how governmental offices and contacts among the specifying community.

Audit Preparation

Regulatory Resources can offer invaluable assistance in helping you interpret audit requirements and prepare for a third-party certification audit. Having worked with more than 400 precast concrete plants in the U.S, we understand what you need to do to get your plant ready to pass an audit. We will take you through the preparation process with a goal of helping you achieve the critical passing grade that sets your company on a path of continuous improvement. 

Once a plant achieves certification, a critical part our work involves marketing your plant to the decision makers, which might include DOTs, municipalities, port authorities, big box retail, military, utility contractors, and the Federal Aviation Authority. The extensive relationships of Regulatory Resources founder Richard Krolewski can open the lines of communication, while identifying the specific needs of your specifying customer. 

Liaison and Lobbying Services

Promotional and Marketing Services

The goal of the Promotional Services program is to work with your sales and marketing effort to increase revenue streams, build product and service awareness, and acquire favorable specifications for your products and services. If you are looking to optimize growth in your company, we will work with you to enhance your promotional services and will manage relationships with marketing and government affairs professionals. 

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