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The Firm

 Founded in 2020

Through Regulatory Resources, founder Richard Krolewski connects you to specifiers and industry authorities, promotes your products and services, and opens doors to business development.

Regulatory Resources Consulting Firm

The Vision

The vision is to offer consulting services that will promote the precast concrete industry on a national level by bridging the gap between specifiers, regulators, suppliers and producers. The goal is to open doors for manufacturers while providing access to quality producers for project owners. Additionally, we seek to create opportunities for innovators to gain acceptance for new products and materials that can advance the industry and improve future infrastructure and commercial building.



 "Individuals seeking to improve the industry deserve to have the opportunity to communicate their products and services. I strive to make that a possibility because I believe strongly in a contemporary, leveled playing field of acceptance . "


-Richard Krolewski 

Richard M. Krolewski 
Founder, Practicing Consultant, Industry Professional

Career Profile 

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Richard Krolewski promotes the benefits of sustainable, resilient concrete construction with federal agencies, state Departments of Transportation and municipalities. He maintains close ties to the precast concrete industry, where he has worked for more than 17 years representing the interest of precast manufacturers and suppliers. Krolewski continues to work with the Federal Highway Administration, the U.S. Department of Defense, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, all State Departments of Transportation, and many local governments, specifying agencies and engineering firms. Krolewski's ultimate goal is to close the gaps between manufacturers, governing agencies, and specifiers to create a unified quality assurance system that benefits all participants. 

Past successes include a three-year project with the Federal Aviation Administration to update FAA specifications to align with ASTM standards. The updated FAA Advisory Circular modernizes one of the federal government's key guidance documents covering more than 19,000 airport authorities and hundreds of major hub airports. Additionally, it is also referenced by the Department of Defense and other federal agencies. 

Krolewski has also worked extensively with the Federal Highway Administration on Buy America provisions and other key issues. He also has an extensive background in working with the international Association of Plumbing and Mechanical officials on precast concrete specifications within the Uniform Plumbing Code. 

A longtime proponent of industry certification programs, Krolewski consulted with the FHWA and nearly every state Department of Transportation to promote the concept of requiring plant certification for federally funded work, with the understanding that products from certified plants raise the quality and enhance the resiliency of infrastructure projects funded by taxpayer dollars. 

Advancing the precast concrete industry by promoting a unification and modernization of specifications, and promoting quality assurance of manufactured concrete. 

Be part of the movement by manufacturing great products and providing quality assurance. I'll handle the details.

-Richard Krolewski


Our operating standards

01.Transparency honest and open communication with you to help achieve your goals.
02.Commitment to Excellence ensuring constant due diligence and responsiveness to your wants and needs, guaranteeing your satisfaction.
03.Reverence for your business objectives, so we can work in a comfortable and responsive alliance to meet your goals.
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