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TESTIMONIALS: Working with 
Regulatory Resources LLC

Leveling the Playing Field


"I enjoyed working with Mr. Krolewski on the NPCA certification process.  We shared a similar goal of leveling the compliance playing field so that no producer could be disadvantaged by firms that were willing to cut corners on quality and safety to reduce their costs and undercut their higher quality competition. I think we were quite successful demonstrating to certain firms that quality, far from being solely an overhead expense, can function as a lean profit center."

Christopher T. Gale PCI III, CCT 3

Materials Manager – Nice Middleton Bridge

Maryland Transportation Authority

Communicating with DOT on a Personal Basis


"I have been associated with Rich Krolewski over the past twenty plus years. My first association with Rich was while he was associated with the National Precast Concrete Association. We worked closely with the Texas Department of Transportation making trips to Austin in order to promote and preserve the association’s certification program.   


"Rich was successful on numerous occasions in developing and promoting specifications to TXDOT which is my primary concern, but also preserving NPCA certification across the country with most all DOT’s. The relationships that Rich has been able to develop and maintain over the past decades is most impressive. Rich has always impressed membership by being able to communicate directly with DOT heads on a personal basis. The ability that Rich has in being able to develop relationships has been nothing short of amazing as he has been able to facilitate specification changes that favor precast concrete on the municipal, state and federal level equally.  


"Rich was instrumental in getting the FHWA to adopt Precast as the first choice over cast-in-place on all Airport construction. Rich’s expertise as a Federal Lobbyist is invaluable when it comes to making the big changes in specification writing. I am confident that if you are looking to work through local specifiers to get the specs changed in favor of precast concrete, Rich would be an invaluable tool. Changing specification rarely happens overnight, but the process has to start and the start is in creating the relationship. Rich will bring the information and facts to the forefront and frankly that is all you can ask for. With the facts in hand, you can then plan the process to get things done."

Leo Feuerstein

Operations Manager

Western Precast Concrete Inc.

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