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  • Richard Krolewski

The World Has Changed

We recently announced the formation of the DOT Advisory Board and described its mission: to improve communication by advancing the adoption of new technology and through open communication among producers, certification programs, project owners and technology providers.

We are very pleased with the initial outpouring of support for this effort. After fielding calls and messages from the precast, prestressed and pipe industries, DOT Advisory Board Chairman Garbee and I can affirm that the industry has taken notice, and for the most part, are curious about our intent. So, it is important to state, there is no hidden agenda on our Board. We are committed to strengthening our relationships with the manufacturers that supply the critical materials needed to rebuild our infrastructure.

The Dot Advisory Board is a forum for DOT professionals from multiple states who are in the trenches of product specification and approval. We will be talking a lot about ways to advance the technologies that will streamline efficiencies and, help us to work better, and save taxpayer dollars at a time when funding uncertainties and the pandemic have clouded our future.

With many manufacturers doing business in multiple states, one initiative that could help all participants, for example, would be to find ways to eliminate redundancies regarding state-specific elements, including education and training. Another is this: How do we better accomplish data transfer during a pandemic and what will this mean in a post-COVID-19 world? Many industries are examining this issue right now, and we are no exception. The world has changed, and we need to change with it.

As we continue researching these and other issues, our goal will always be to maintain a level playing field of material acceptance for all participants and to expand methods of data exchange. Our belief is that by working together, listening to one another, and communicating openly and honestly, we can meet the challenges ahead with creativity, innovation and cooperation. We are looking forward to working with industries and our peers to build the next generation of the nation’s infrastructure.

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