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Don't Hide Behind the Data

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

The Personal Approach.

Email is a fine tool, texting can be quite useful, and Zoom meetings are, of course, important in a new era of coronavirus. But none of that can replace personal contact and the building of relationships over the years.

One thing I learned through many business endeavors in my career is that the personal approach nearly always trumps technology. When you are navigating complicated technical issues and trying to bridge gaps in knowledge between, say, a government agency and a manufacturing industry, it is important to have the data, but not hide behind the data.

What I mean by that is the tendency of many highly intelligent technical people to create massive reports and impressive PowerPoints that are vital tools that are often cold and impersonal. The information is there – and it’s vitally important – but there is no personal connection.

During a meeting in Washington, D.C. a few years ago, I sat through four consecutive presentations from economists – each one of them packed with data and loaded with charts and graphs. I don’t remember any those presentations. The one I still remember was presentation number five, where the economist talked about how his work led to a program that directly impacted the community, and significantly helped the father of one of his best friends. He got out from behind the data and made the human connection in a way that people remembered.

In working at the regulatory level, that’s always been my approach. Making personal connections creates lasting relationships that lead to successful outcomes down the road. Bringing people together to solve problems and create solutions is what regulatory work is all about. Contact Regulatory Resources today to learn more.

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